Soil and Compost


Clay based sandy topsoil. Best used as a fill or for building up areas in preparation for grass and garden establishment.

Biofiltration Filter Medium

Manufactured to comply with CRC Adoption Guidelines for Storm water Biofiltration Systems as the filter media. It has the essential hydraulic conductivity required for use in biofiltration basins, whilst also having the horticultural properties essential for initial plant strike and maintaining ongoing plant health.

Nitro Top

A top soil mixture of sand, soil and a nitro humus. This product helps to absorb moisture in the morning and evening which is ideal for lawns to retain moisture during the summer months.

Eco Soil

Great for turf underlay and also a cheaper alternative for garden beds. Eco soil is a mixture of premium sandy loam topsoil, washed coarse river sand, manure mix and recycled green waste bark fines for added moisture retention.

Soil Garden Mix

Best suited for garden beds. A mixture of premium sandy loam topsoil, fowl manure, composted green waste and also pot ash. Great ready to use soil which will suit all vegetation.

Botany Humus

Ideal for conditioning nutrient depleted soils and contains composted pine bark, spent coffee grounds and composted organics. Great to add to an old veggie garden, or to mix in existing soil and start fresh.

Cow Manure

Straight composted cow manure. Great as a soil conditioner in nutrient depleted soils or gardens.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is one of the richest fertilisers and soil conditioners. It can be spread over the ground or dug into soil, as its ingredients are almost totally decomposed. Mushroom compost is a blend of recycled organic ingredients including manure.

Potting Mix

A special blend of compost sawdust, soil, composted pine bark and sand which is suited for all vegetation. Best option for pot plants or when transplanting.


Recycled gypsum is used to break down clay based soils and allow water to penetrate more easily. Best results when dug through with good soil mix.

Non-Organic 80/20 Top Soil

Free draining sandy loam soil suitable for top dressing.