Company Culture

“For as long as I can remember all I wanted to do was drive a truck. Getting a start with no experience and without a truck licence was a challenge, until I received sponsorship through Divall’s Women in Transport Program”

Sara-Jane, Truck Driver
Divall’s team members celebrating Loud Shirt Day in support of kids who are deaf

” Divall’s gave me my first start as a laborer when i was fresh out of school and looking for a career i’m now in charge of multi-million-dollar projects and responsible for 30+ employees”

Daniel Morris – Project Superintendent

Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage proudly support National Road Safety Week. NRSW is an annual initiative from the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, which partners with road safety organisations and the Government. The initiative brings road safety to the forefront and provides thought provoking themes throughout the week. For more information and to ‘Pledge to drive so others survive’ you can do so via heading to the link below.

A pretty picture! Divall’s National Road Safety Week signposted truck sitting by the gardens in Belmore Park, Goulburn, during National Road Safety Week 2022.

Divall’s Wellbeing Committee

As one of the larger local employers in Goulburn and surrounding areas, the mental health of our employees is as important to us as their physical health, and caring for their mental health is essential to us maintaining a healthy workplace environment. 

45% of Australians experience mental illness at some stage during their lives and, with a rising number of mental health conditions in the workplace, businesses can no longer afford to ignore their employees’ mental health.

Divall’s are committed to tackling this issue head on and have in place a Wellbeing Program designed specifically to aid our employees in being the best physical and mental versions of themselves.

It is our focus to introduce initiatives aimed at challenging the perceptions about mental illness within the workplace and encourage employees to look at mental health in a more positive light.

To date, we have proudly supported a number of other organisations in their wellbeing endeavours such as LIVIN, Beyond Blue and Men in Civil Construction, and will continue to do so as we ourselves develop our mental health strategy on an ongoing basis. Employees can expect to see a well-developed Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that will include a number of suitable options where employees can seek help. We also envisage a number of social focused events to help boost and maintain staff morale amongst our varied teams.

Ultimately, Divall’s is dedicated to championing a workplace culture that encourages understanding, support and friendship, one which is firmly rooted in a team-minded approach.

“For us, company culture is important. We want each and every one of our team members to wake up in the morning and be excited to come to work, and it is this culture that has resulted in the great team we have”

Andy Divall, Managing Director
A handful of our staff showing their support throughout the week by wearing their yellow ribbon pins and yellow ribbons in their hair
Hume Police Highway Patrol Cars and Divall’s truck pictured here with Mayor, Peter Walker, along with council members, Hume District Police and representatives from Divall’s – National Road Safety Week 2022