Pine Chip

Great as ground cover for moisture retention in garden beds or veggie patches. Will turn grey as it starts to breakdown.

Leaf Mulch

Recycled blend of mulches, ranging from 50mm to fines, great for moisture retention. Suitable for all vegetation. Great in high wind areas where mulch is hard to keep down as it is one of our heavier mulches and very cost effective.

Soft Fall

8mm pine bark which complies with AS/AZ 4422: 1996 and can be supplied with a certificate of approval. For use under play equipment as well as ground / garden bed cover for moisture retention.

Pine Bark

1″ or 25mm. Great decorative mulch suitable for all vegetation. Suitable for high wind areas because of its size and weight.

Red Chip

Made from recycled plantation timber and chip which is then coloured with environmentally friendly dye so it won’t affect vegetation. Colour will fade with age and as it starts to breakdown

Eucy Mulch

As described, this is eucalyptus mulched to a 10mm fine chip which is honey/golden coloured brown. Eucy mulch is long lasting and great for moisture retention.


Available in bales, straw can be used as mulch, stable bedding or added to compost for extra moisture retention or erosion control.

Pea Straw

Pea straw makes a great mulch, especially good for veggie gardens or no dig gardens, as it returns valuable organic matter to the soils it decomposes. Because peas are a nitrogen fixing plant, the straw will return this extra nitrogen to the soil as it breaks down. Available in bales with coverage per bale roughly 7 – 10m2.