20mm Shale Road Base

Crushed and screened to a maximum of 20mm. Designed for roadways, driveways and pathways but has many uses including building soil bases, leveling slab preparation and ground cover to prevent mud.

50mm Road Base

Crushed shale 50mm to fines. Similar uses to -20mm road base but better for when the job is more severe i.e. pot holes are deeper or greater depth needs filling. Can be combined with a top layer of -20mm base for a better finish.

Drew’s Road Base

Unscreened 50mm + crushed road base. Best used as a fill, i.e. for filling ruts or filling in footings for house slabs.

20mm Recycled Road Base

Crushed recycled concrete screened to 20mm minus. Great for roads and driveways.

Site Access

50-80mm coarse crushed recycled concrete. Designed for new building sites access, to prevent mud from site being tracked onto the road and to make access to sites easier in all weather conditions.

Cold Mix

A ready to use bitumen for patching potholes in sealed driveways. Easiest to work with on warmer days.

Crusher Dust

3mm minus crushed blue metal. Uses include under pavers, under concrete slabs, fill, bedding pipes, base for water tanks and can be used on pathways.

7mm Drainage Aggregate

Cleaned crushed blue metal. Uses include bedding PVC pipes, drainage and decorative landscaping material for paths.

10mm Drainage Aggregate

Cleaned crushed blue metal. Uses include as a drainage material or decorative landscaping material for paths.

20mm Drainage Aggregate

Cleaned crushed blue metal. Best for absorption trenches, back fill for retaining wall drainage and can also be used as decorative gravel in landscaping.

Railway Ballast

26mm – 63mm crushed bluestone. Typically for use of railway lines but can be used for drainage. Suitable for decorative mulch for water retention in gardens, or as a feature in landscape garden design.

Gabion Rock

75mm – 200mm crushed bluestone. Ideal for gabion wall baskets, water diversion or use as drainage aggregate. Can also be used in dry stone walls as garden edging or for feature in landscaping design.

Concrete mix

Mixture of coarse washed river sand and 7mm-20mm blue metal. Designed as an all – purpose concrete mix for anything from slabs, footings and post holes to garden edging. Also available mixed with a straight 10mm aggregate and a fine sand for a better finish.