Decorative Pebbles

20mm Cowra White

White washed quartz pebble screened to 20mm in size. Great as a mulch to prevent weeds and to brighten up garden beds or areas used in landscape designs, such as ponds.

10mm Cowra White

White washed quartz screened to 10mm in size. Perfect for garden paths or for use in landscape designs i.e. between pavers in a walk way.

8-14mm Cowra Gold

Golden coloured washed quartz screened between 8 and 14mm in diameter. Small enough to use on pathways and big enough to work well as a decorative mulch.

Decomposed Granites

Decomposed granite is available in red or yellow. Great for footpaths, walkways, driveways, entertainment areas, and tennis courts. This product compacts well to give a smooth finish and is stable under foot. We can also add cement powder to help with erosion control and make the finish harder. Can also be used in the construction of rammed earth houses when stabilised.

20mm Crushed Brick

Recycled crushed brick in various colours, great as a decorative mulch.

14mm Crushed Brick

Recycled crushed brick, similar to the 14mm. This product can be used as a decorative material for pathways and driveways.

200mm River Pebble

Large, round, natural river stone. Great for water features and can be used in dry stone walls.

10mm or 20mm Exposed Aggregate

Similar to the natural river pebble the exposed aggregate is a little brighter with added white and gold colours and is a crushed stone rather than smooth.

50mm River Pebble

Mixture of natural colours including browns, creams and beiges. Screened to 50mm in size. Great as natural looking decorative mulch or for ‘Natural Look’ water features.

20mm River Pebble

Mixture of natural colours screened to 20mm in size. Great for around pavers on pathways or as a decorative mulch.

10mm River Pebble

Mixed natural shades of beige and grey. Great for pathways as it is small enough to walk on comfortably. Can also be used for bore hole drilling.

Lachlan River Pebble

14mm – 20mm natural colour river pebble with a touch of pink. Great as a decorative mulch or footpath as it is more of a flat river stone rather than a round or crushed.

10mm or 20mm Limestone

Crushed white lime stone with a small amount of grey flicker throughout the stone. Use as an alternative to the washed quartz, looks great as a decorative mulch.

Over Sized Rock

We stock a mixture of large rocks suitable for use in landscaping, such as feature rocks, garden edging, stone walls, gabion baskets or any ideas you can come up with. These rocks range from 100mm – 1m in diameter and vary between granite, basalt, sand stone, river round and natural bush rock.